Fred Voccola calls it Kaseya 365. This all-in-one platform enables MSPs to efficiently manage, secure, backup, and automate their clients’ systems at a reduced cost, aiming to increase MSP profit margins (between 30% to 50%) over a 1 to 3-year contract. 

Ultimately, end-users may benefit the most from a more comprehensive service offering that costs less. However, if some MSPs use this strategy to undercut market prices and further commoditize managed services, the overall gain for MSPs remains uncertain. This could lead to competitive pressure for others to adopt more aggressive bundled pricing. Beyond the pricing issue, the real benefit may be the more seamless integration between solutions. This will save MSPs time and resources – one of their biggest challenges. 

Simplifying and consolidating cybersecurity is the trend. Bundling applications and services together is a common practice, exemplified by Microsoft Office 365. Yet, the true strength of such bundles lies in their seamless integration. A notable benefit of this strategy is the consolidation of various Kaseya acquisitions under one cohesive platform. With more companies gravitating towards better integrated solutions instead of best in class, expect to see a rise in buffet-type pricing models. I hinted at this trend during one of our recent events, likening cybersecurity to the fast-food market where multiple brands offer their combo deals. You can opt for individual items at a premium or choose the combo option. While there will be many brands to choose from, none may be truly satisfying or good for us.

“Kaseya 365 is a monumental game changer – one that is going to flip the industry on its head and power its future,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “Everything we’ve done over the past decade has led us to this moment, and I cannot wait to see our MSPs experience these immense benefits. With Kaseya 365, MSPs powered by Kaseya have a tremendous financial and operational advantage over their peers. Not only are their profits 30-50% higher, but they no longer have to make hard decisions about what technology to include for their customers based on cost.”

The Kaseya 365 subscription is inclusive of all the functionality of remote monitoring and management (RMM), antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed detection and response (MDR), patch management, ransomware rollback and endpoint backup. This all-in-one solution also includes 20 core automations to significantly enhance workflow efficiency and reduce errors.

“With Kaseya 365, I know I’ll be able to drastically increase my profits overnight – and give my customers more bang for their buck,” said Michael Goldstein, President and CEO, Lan Infotech. It’s a total no brainer. I’ll easily be the most competitive MSP in the area. There is no better solution for the price.”

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