Offensive Security (OffSec), unveiled a refreshed brand identity including a new, shortened name, OffSec. This update reflects OffSec’s commitment to helping cybersecurity professionals and organizations look beyond traditional training and certification to provide additional educational content and hands-on resources that help learners advance in their field and companies develop their security team members.

The abbreviated name reflects OffSec’s move beyond offensive security topics with expansion into new areas such as defensive security, and new learning paths for today’s most in-demand cybersecurity job roles. The OffSec brand also speaks to the company’s expansion beyond training and beyond certification to a continuous learning model that supports the unique needs of organizations and individual learners alike. The company’s new tagline, The Path to a Secure Future, highlights OffSec’s commitment to supporting security professionals and infosec teams in achieving cyber preparedness through a growing skills library focused on keeping pace with evolving cyber threats. 

Offensive Security built its global reputation on training penetration testing with its flagship course, Penetration Testing with Kali Linux and the OSCP certification. The company is the developer and maintainer of Kali Linux, the widely-popular open-source distribution used by infosec professionals worldwide. More recently, OffSec has since moved well beyond foundational pentesting topics and has added new content and certifications in Cloud Security, Web Application Security, Secure Software Development, Security Operations, and Exploit Development. The ever-growing OffSec Learning Library (OLL) currently includes nearly 6,000 hours of written content, 1,500 videos, 2,500 practical exercises, and 900 hands-on labs, with more being added all the time. The OLL features an unmatched depth and breadth of content, helping learners build indispensable skills by offering a comprehensive variety of role-specific content, from entry-level to advanced.

“OffSec broke the mold when we started with a new way of presenting information security training, and with the OffSec Learning Library we are so excited to do it again,” Jim O’Gorman, Chief Content and Strategy Officer at OffSec said. “Our library approach allows us to continue to offer our industry-leading content, but in a more flexible non-linear approach allowing for a more customizable learning experience. Learners can engage with OffSec content in a course-based context, follow learning paths specific to job roles or skill sets, or pick and choose their own pathway through a multitude of learning units and modules. This approach allows everyone, regardless of skill level or experience, to have custom access to unparalleled cybersecurity learning content, all of which embody OffSec’s highly-regarded and time-tested approach and methodology.”

About the brand refresh, Scott Ablin, OffSec’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “Since our inception, we’ve been at the forefront of cybersecurity education and offered training by the best practitioners. We defined the industry with our intense, hands-on, practical approach. As OffSec, we are expanding our content and learning paths to prepare learners for career advancement and organizations for current and future threats. We all know the cybersecurity threat landscape is continually changing, and our new brand symbolizes our commitment to keeping pace for individual professionals looking for education to advance their career and organizations who seek to recruit, retain, and upskill top talent.”

Source: Offensive Security