SwiftStack, founded in 2011 by some of the earliest pioneers in cloud computing, is a cloud storage provider for organizations that require universal access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single namespace. Its software is popular in industries like media and entertainment, global service providers, life sciences, and web-based business; and for functions like AI/ML, analytics, scientific research, active archive, and managing data across multiple clouds.

SwiftStack is easy to deploy and scale with adding standard server hardware on premises and accounts in Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. Applications and users are given universal access (file and object) to a single data namespace, and data is placed across the system by user-defined policies. Any amount of metadata can be added and indexed in the system, allowing for full awareness and utilization. The new SwiftStack Software Appliance featuring 1click Application Profiles simplify the provisioning, tuning, and ongoing management of storage for leading data-driven enterprise applications.

For more information please visit www.swiftstack.com