FedEx (CNW Group/FedEx Express Canada)

Forty per cent of Canadians say they are more likely to shop online for holiday gifts this year compared to last year. Among those shopping online, time saving (62%), better stock and selection (59%), and the ability to shop in peace without interaction with others (35%) were identified as the top three reasons for shopping online instead of in-store.

That survey is from The Logit Group on behalf of FedEx which explored the motivators, behaviours and trends surrounding holiday shopping this season.

The survey also looked at where people shop online, with 16% of Canadians surveyed admitting they shop online while visiting in-laws to pass the time.

President of FedEx Lisa Lisson said that there is an undeniable trend in Canada and globally toward a dramatic uptick in consumers’ use of e-commerce. Canadians shop  online vs. in-store more than ever before  – with data showing that Canadians are 56% more likely to shop online  compared to just five years ago.   The results also show how Canadians want convenience when it comes to holiday shopping. From pickup and drop off services at well-known retailers, to customizing the date of residential deliveries, FedEx is committed to making Canadians’ holiday shopping experience as convenient as possible – giving them more control over their holiday shipments.

However, with a rise in online shopping people also worry about package theft. Of those surveyed, 68% were concerned about the threat of package theft, and 29% have experienced package theft in the past.

The survey also indicates that Canadians are doing their best to surprise their loved ones with 32% of Gen Zs reporting having hidden a package from their parents. When looking at other generations, 22% of millennials admit to having hidden a package from a partner or spouse –surpassing the national average of 14%.

The survey also found that:

  • More than 1 in 5 (22%) Canadian Gen Zs avoid online shopping as they are scared they will inevitably buy too much. This is more than triple the number of Boomers (7%) with that same concern.
  • In-store shoppers indicate they are more inclined to leave things to the last minute – particularly those in Atlantic provinces, with 25% admitting to finishing in-store holiday shopping the day before the holidays. This compares to 14% in Western provinces and 14% in Ontario.
  • 5% of Quebecers are more likely to finish their online holiday shopping after the holidays. This compares to 9% who will finish their in-store shopping after the holidays.