Tigerpaw has been around the IT industry for 34 years now. After his father retired, James Foxall took over the company and has been running it for the past 8 years. Throughout its long history, the company has gone through some evolution but always focusing on software to automate technology businesses.

More recently, the company is targeting the office equipment market where they see the next trend while the managed services market become more saturated. They are one of the three big players in the Professional Service Automation (PSA) sector, along with Connectwise and Autotask.

The main target audience for Tigerpaw is MSPs with 15 employees and more. This group needs a lot more integrated functionality to deliver on services and projects. Furthermore, since the MSP space is always adding new services and connecting with third-party enhancements, integrations are a very important piece of any PSA.

Tigerpaw’s integrations are developed with industry-leading associations, manufacturers and third party vendors to create additional value. Current integration partners include: PrintAudit and PrintFleet for managed print, Esticom for estimating software and Pax8 for cloud services distribution. In the works are Continuum, WatchGuard, Pulsar 360, DocuSign, IT Glue, Great America and Sherpa CRM.

Tigerpaw has released a brand new interface to enhance the user experience.

For more information, please visit www.tigerpaw.com