StorONE and Intel announced the All-Flash (AFAn), which uses Intel Optane as storage not as a cache. It integrates Intel QLC SSD for cost effective, high capacity, moving data between the two storage tiers as it ages.StorONE’s S1:AFAn is the highest-performing most cost effective, storage system on the market today. Powered by StorONE’s S1 storage software it is designed for traditional enterprise data centers.

The AFAn represents a new breed of storage solutions that are logical upgrade to aging All-Flash Array (AFA). The AFAn supports mainstream workloads like VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle and MS-SQL, while at the same time, provide the extreme performance required of applications such as analytics and artificial intelligence. The result is TRU-consolidation of storage at a price every data center can afford.

A key ingredient of the S1:AFAn is StorONE’s S1 Enterprise Storage Platform, an efficient storage software solution that is able to extract the full performance of Intel Optane drives and offset costs by automatically tiering to lower cost Intel QLC SSDs, without read performance penalty. S1 provides complete data protection and data services without impacting performance.

The Intel Optane Flash Array is shipping July 6th with StorONE taking pre-orders immediately. Customers and resellers can find additional information about the S1:AFAn solution at: