NSS Labs has completed their latest Next-Gen Firewall group test for 2017, evaluating 11 market-leading NGFW products on security effectiveness, performance, and total cost of ownership.

NSS Labs are the most respected and recognized independent test house for next-generation firewalls. Vendors are put through a rigorous, continuous test cycle that lasts several month, which pushes the product to the limit. They thoroughly test the antivirus and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) engines against a battery of sophisticated real-world attacks and evasion techniques. All the while, monitoring detections, false positives and performance. NSS Labs also provide a helpful TCO assessment based on price per protected Mbps, which gives a very clear indicator of real-world value.

XG firewall v16 was tested with the best, and it performed among the top for security effectiveness, particularly against evasion techniques, while also offering among the best price-performance ratio among all vendors. Here’s a few highlights:

  • Attack block rate of 94.56%, a live exploit block rate of 97.82%, and a net Security Effectiveness score of 90.4% based on evasion detection results*. Net result is that we are third best; scoring better than most other competitors in the test.
  • Excellent value per protected Mbps –  several times better value than many other vendors.
  • Passed all long-term stability and reliability tests, providing protection against sustained attacks under load for extended periods of time

We’re always delighted when independent tests validate the claims that we make for our products and the NSS Labs Group Test does just that. The results prove that XG Firewall is an industry leading next-gen firewall solution.

You can see the SVM (Security Value Map) graph below and how we placed among the best in both security effectiveness and TCO (value). The further up and to the right, you place, the better.