Sherweb announced the launch of Partner University, a new online training program created exclusively for its partners.

The program is open to all partners regardless of their experience or MRR. It’s designed to teach them how to offer real solutions to their customers instead of just selling SKUs. Partner University includes a video library with skill paths on topics such as business, sales, marketing and products. Participants can follow the training at their own pace and get access to demos about product provisioning and features.

Accelerate business growth

“The global health crisis has forced a lot of partners to rethink their business strategies,” said Marc-André Fontaine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sherweb. “We felt this was a great opportunity to educate our channel by teaching partners how to accelerate growth and provide more value for their customers. We’re very excited to offer the best training available for backup solutions, cyber security and VoIP.”

A recent study from CompTIA showed that 73% of channel businesses don’t have marketing plans, 58% don’t have sales plans, and 47% don’t have business plans of any kind. Sherweb endeavors to improve this situation by providing its partners with access to comprehensive training resources such as Partner University. This allows MSPs to get a high-level view of the current and future health of their businesses.

New content coming

Fontaine said the curriculum is being updated all the time and partners can look forward to new skill paths about onboarding training, technical skills and more.

Partner University is just one of a series of educational programs Sherweb offers its partners. Last year, the cloud provider launched two new programs: MBA for MSP, which focuses on business growth, and the Marketing Program, an interactive series designed to help MSPs launch more effective marketing campaigns. Accelerate, Sherweb’s award-winning annual cloud summit, has just kicked off Stage 3 with an emphasis on marketing and business strategies.

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Source: Sherweb