There are many IT companies ignoring (or don’t know about) the identity regulations in HIPAA and for Credit Card Processing. This has lead to a scary amount of patient and financial data that is at risk. Ruffian Software’s CEO and developer, Martin White, has created a solution for managed service providers that addresses how they access privileged accounts. He saw a problem with how these credentials were being handled for the techs and wrote a piece of software that gave a formidable solution. It is an automated solution that creates and manages a unique ID for every tech on every domain. The product is called TechIDManager and features:

  • HIPAA compliant and Credit Card Processing compliant.
  • Secure against a large range of attacks.
  • Passwords change automatically every 24 hours.
  • No more shared passwords!
  • Automatic creation and disabling of accounts; rights and permissions management.
  • Downtime tolerant.
  • Companies who use TechIDManager are more secure, more efficient, and more profitable.

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