Spectrum Global Solutions Inc. announced that High Wire Networks Inc. has added Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to its Overwatch Managed Security Services Marketplace, enabling managed service providers (MSPs) to offer “eyes on glass” around the clock for a cost-effective subscription rate.

Overwatch Managed EDR combines SentinelOne’s market-leading endpoint protection platform (EPP) and automated AI-driven EDR solution with the Overwatch 24/7 Security Operations Center to provide significant value without significant investment.

“MSPs need more than just antivirus to keep your clients’ businesses safe. You need endpoint detection and response to monitor endpoints, detect suspicious behavior, block malicious activity and suggest remediation steps,” said David Barton, Chief Technology Officer at High Wire Networks. “Even that is not enough. An EDR solution needs to be managed by security experts. MSPs might have a solution, but no one in-house to manage it for their customers effectively and affordably. That’s where Overwatch Managed EDR comes in.”

Overwatch Managed EDR delivers end-to-end Endpoint-Protection-as-a-Service, including:

  • Monitoring & Notification Overwatch security experts monitor endpoints from the Overwatch 24/7 Extended Detection & Response (XDR) dashboard.
  • Threat Hunting & Response In addition to automated detection and remediation of endpoint attacks, the Overwatch SOC team engages in deep-dive threat hunting.
  • Administration & Maintenance Overwatch experts apply and regularly update security policies to keep your systems safe.

“Overwatch Managed EDR is an enterprise-grade solution that’s attainable for businesses of all sizes,” said Barton. “We’ve enabled our MSP partners to offer both market-leading EDR and 24/7 SOC-as-a-Service for a price more affordable than the two solutions are individually. With Overwatch Managed EDR, they can extend protection to more customers and boost their MRR, too.”

 Source: High Wire Networks