Virtual Private Network technology is certainly not new. VPNs have been around for more than two decades. But in this roundtable discussion EChannelNews takes an in-depth look at the VPN marketplace, which is expected to reach the US$70 billion market by next year.

Roundtable panelists are Amit Bareket, CEO of Perimeter 81, Karen Mesoznik, head of marketing for Perimeter 81, James Alvarez, director of business development for Perimeter 81, and Julian Lee, President of Technoplanet. The moderator is Paolo Del Nibletto.

Perimeter 81 is a new entry in the Canadian and U.S. market with a disruptive VPN cloud-based technology that makes deployment as easy as DropBox.

Topics for this roundtable include the security risk around Public WIFI networks, hacks such as Man-in-the-Middle and how to avoid them, workforce and workplace collaboration needs, how VPNs need to step up with security, VPN in a SaaS model, the channel opportunity with Perimeter 81 and the MSP benefits from the Perimeter 81 solution.

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