Gartner Research is predicting that Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) will be adopted by 60 per cent of enterprises by 2021. Why is that?

Etay Bogner, the founder and CEO of Meta Networks, said there is a simple story as to why. “Everything today is about productivity and people are working from everywhere. They need access to productivity apps and most of those are on the Web. These people need to be protected no matter where they are. If you combine all these reasons you’ll realize that the security perimeter is gone and you need security to be delivered as-a-service,” he said.

Meta Networks has developed a software-defined perimeter that can connect people, apps, clouds, data centers and offices securely. From there these applications are secured through a software-defined perimeter. Meta Networks’ NaaS solution is a user-centric one instead of being site-centric allowing for remote access and anytime/anywhere connection to cloud infrastructures.

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According to Bogner, the security perimeter no longer has to be tied to the physical topology. Therefore, there is no point to deploy client devices in physical locations.

Etay Bogner

“The only logical conclusion here is you have to be connected to the a cloud-based security network; delivered as-a-service,” he added.

Meta Networks is working toward becoming a 100 per cent channel business. The company targets small-to-medium-sized enterprises and up. The Meta Networks’ solution is an extensible one and not vertically integrated. The company works with alliance vendors such as Symantec/Blue Coat and has integrated with those solutions.

“I believe there is no other way to approach the market then with partners. Channel partners know the customer…we integrate with them. The channel is already selling security and we come into that mix (with Symantec/Blue Coat) with a remote access solution with networking in the cloud,” he said.