Let the games begin.The inaugural World Hacker Games!

The first event was taped live on February 20th and lasted approximately 3 hours. Explore the highlights with the hosts’ commentary. This initial event featured “7 flags” that the hackers had to “capture”. Each flag presented a new set of challenges, and no information was revealed to the hackers in advance. You’ll see how the hackers managed to capture each flag and how long it took. The hackers that completed their tasks in the quickest time won the prizes. You’ll also view the leaderboard.

If you want to see the complete recorded video footage of the live event, please contact for access at https://hub.hackerverse.co/plextrac-capture-the-flag

It is a challenging, time-consuming, and often tedious process to organize and broadcast real-time hacking, thus we are testing various formats to discover the most viewer-friendly outcome for the audience. Actual hacking might take days, even weeks. 

We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we seek to provide you with an interesting way to experience ethical hacking, how hackers think, how hacker-proof vendor products truly are, and to inspire the future generation to pursue ethical hacking as a career rather than video games.

Future World Hacker Games events will feature more complexities, scenarios, and solutions. Hackers can attack and infiltrate systems using a variety of methods. We will also explore the methodologies and tools used by hackers.

This event was sponsored by PlexTrac, who provided the PEN testing report system used in the process. For more information about this sponsor, please visit https://hub.hackerverse.co/getplextrac. If you would like to be a sponsor for a future event, please contact us.

This was day one, so much more to come…If you would like to be notified of future events, please subscribe to the list at https://cybersecuritydefenseecosystem.com/contact-us/