Here is what John Cammalleri , VP of Commercial Channels at HP had to say about his experience in one of our Mastermind sessions.

The short answer…Yes it can!

Actually, we believe that it is literally impossible for it not to help you. The really cool thing is that it can help you on whatever you need! You decide what is your pain point and the force of the group will find you the right answer.

Anyone can form or join a peer-group, but if you want it to truly rock your world, then it has to follow a process. A process that we will gladly provide you if you want to do your own! If you like, you can become an authorized mastermind group facilitator by taking an online course and live the Mastermind experience first-hand. Anyone can do this!

A Mastermind session is not just a random chat with a bunch of people. There is a structure and limit to the number of people in the group. There are requirements that each participant have to bring to the table. Once all criteria is met, just watch the pure power of the experience and how it will help you on so many levels!

You can join a peer-group at We run channel partner and vendor peer groups. It can be temporary for you to test drive or it can be permanent whereby you meet the same group from once per quarter to once per month (virtually or in-person when it becomes safe again).