Because SaaS applications exist in the cloud, it’s easy to assume hosted data is automatically protected. SaaS (software as a service) application vendors do provide some protection, yet any backups they take are to meet their needs, not those of a business. The truth is, cloud apps just aren’t built to provide full backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Granular data, such as an email, document, or spreadsheet, can be lost forever if a user accidentally deletes, infects, or overwrites it. Office 365 Backup can provide peace of mind—because you can be certain your SaaS data is safe from any type of disaster.

Office 365 Backup automatically backs up Office 365 Mail, Calendar, OneDrive, and SharePoint data daily. If data is deleted or damaged, you’ll be able to get it back right away – and get everyone right back to work. The ability to backup and restore critical data should be a key component of your overall data protection and compliance plan.

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