Everyone is talking about business’s digital revolution. This is one of those situations when it’s easier said than done! This Masterchat will cover how to get started and develop a managed services business practise based on DX. Robotic Process Automation is one of the most effective ways to assist you and your clients in transforming their businesses to expand in the digital economy.

We’re speaking with the head of partner development of the world’s largest RPA vendor. Eddie O’Brien of UiPath. RPA, in a nutshell, enables anyone to automate a business process with little or no code. Your only constraint is your skill set and desire to grow. We believe it is one of the quickest methods for businesses to digitally alter their operations, with tiny but considerable gains in efficiency and redundancy. The outcomes and return on investment skyrocket as you go. Check out this 60-minute lesson, and we recommend starting with their training course.

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