Julian Lee re4cently sat down for an interview with HP Canada’s John Cammalleri about HP recent announcements from HP Amplify Executive Forum, HP Inc’s annual partner roadshow.

The company unveiled a number of new partner benefits, aimed at driving greater partner collaboration, training opportunities and community engagement. In addition to enhancements to its Amplify Data Insights program, the company announced the global expansion of its award-winning Amplify Impact partner sustainability program and introduced a new partner training and engagement platform, HP Curiocity.

Each of these program announcements build on the strength of the company’s global HP Amplify Partner Program, a first-of-its kind channel partner program optimized to drive dynamic partner growth and deliver consistent end customer experiences. Built on a single, integrated structure, HP Amplify provides the insights, capabilities and collaboration tools needed to drive growth as digital transformation and customer purchasing behaviors continue to evolve.

Launched in early 2021, HP Amplify Impact represents a first of its kind partner assessment, resource, and training program, leveraging HP’s own extensive investments and initiatives. Today, the program provides more than 10,000 partners across 43 countries with the opportunity to join HP in its efforts to generate meaningful impact across Climate Action, Human Rights and Digital Equity. Thus far the program has been enthusiastically embraced by partners with more than 80 percent of enrolled partners having completed the self-assessment.

HP recently developed a new platform offering enhanced training, community engagement and rewards – all in a single program. Inspired by the open world concept and rewards system of renowned games, HP Curiocity will roll out via a phased approach starting later this year, providing partner sales representatives with access to this unique, collaborative community. 

Partners can learn more on the HP Partner Portal.