Big news! IT Glue™ has acquired Cenersys, a network intelligence software platform that provides rapid insights on network performance across broad network environments. The Cenersys technology will be used to develop a new documentation automation product called Autopilot. We can’t say too much right now, but this acquisition is going to be a big part of our plans for 2018.

What we can tell you is that our development team is going to leverage Cenersys’ technology to create a new product that will gather documentation and automatically feed it into IT Glue. Autopilot will serve as a complement to IT Glue, and to existing RMM platforms such as Auvik. Autopilot will be fully integrated into the IT Glue platform, with separate licensing, and will launch in early 2018.

CEO Chris Day believes that Cenersys’ technology will be a major driver of automation for IT Glue partners. “We are thrilled to welcome Cenersys to the IT Glue family and are working aggressively to bring these capabilities to our partners as soon as possible. Autopilot will deliver enormous time and cost savings for our partners by automating documentation and making real-time insights available at each network location.”

Cenersys CEO Mike Sanders had this to say about the acquisition: “We couldn’t be more excited about what this acquisition means for the Cenersys solution and our clients. The Cenersys solution is a great fit in the IT Glue ecosystem, and their extensive knowledge of the MSP space and proven track record in delivering excellent products means the Cenersys solution will continue to grow and deliver even more value to our clients.”