WiFi is now a basic utility, consumed by just about everyone on the planet. Most MSPs probably understand the challenges and limitations of the current wireless technologies. What’s next in wireless technology is something that every MSP must know.

Check out the full video recording of the recent event with Cambium Networks on “Wireless Technology. What’s Next”.  Just for checking out this video, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win $500 in cash (Winner will be announced on August 17th).

Hear from the experts Daran Hermans, Jagdish Girimaji, Cody Cochrane and Christy Meaney on everything you need to know about the next generation WiFi networks and why it matters to MSPs as well as customers.  It’s a huge growth opportunity for all MSPs willing to build a sustainable and profitable networking-as-a-service business practice. You will also get some great insights from Corry Robertson on how today’s management should skill up for the new hybrid workplace of in-office and remote employees (see her presentation on part 2 of the video recording).

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