How are your computer assets being used?  Have you considered the variety of methods data can be transferred to and from your workstations?   What can be done to audit and control data movements throughout your enterprise?

What is an Insider Threat?

An Insider threat is a generic term for a threat to an organization’s security or data that comes from within. Such threats are usually attributed to employees or former employees, but may also arise from third parties, including contractors, temporary workers or customers.

Insider threats due to malicious actors are found throughout all industries including government institutions.  Regardless of the sector your organization operates within, it is important that you protect it from damaging attacks that may come from your inside your enterprise.

What are causes for concern?

Many cases of insider threats are due to a lack of appropriate employee education.  For instance, communicating to employees to not upload company data to an unapproved Cloud storage system or emailing sensitive data files.  Another easily preventable source of insider threat are former employees whose account(s) remain active and thus invite unwanted behaviors.  However, without attention to these and more potential threats, the likelihood of an unwanted compromise grows.  

How can it happen?

The abundance of attack surfaces available to Windows clients are often unguarded.

Visual Click Software has a robust solution for Windows desktops and laptops that provides numerous beneficial abilities:

Email alerts when a USB device is plugged in
Email alerts on excessive data copying to USB and other removable devices
Block creation and copying of files to USB and other removable devices
Audit unusual file activity, for instance, when Outlook is used to open a spreadsheet
Audit when files are copied from a remote device including network servers
Audit files being uploaded via a web browser
Audit files being attached to an email
Report all USB devices connected including specialty devices such as credit card scanners
Audit failed workstation/laptop logon attempts including account name attempted
Audit when failed password changes were attempted

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