Under Ingram Micro’s cloud marketplace CloudBlue, channel partners will now have another option in managed services automation through Harmony Business Systems’ PSA solution. Currently with CloudBlue, providers can access an ecosystem of over 200 vendors.

“The acquisition of Harmony is a direct response to our MSP partners’ requests to help them quickly transform and grow a cloud services business with less risk,” said Nimesh Davé, president of CloudBlue and Ingram Micro Cloud. “We are delighted to have the Harmony team join our CloudBlue community as we expand our technology offerings.”

Nimesh Davé, president of CloudBlue and Ingram Micro Cloud

We did some interviews with Harmony PSA back in 2019 and earlier as they were looking to enter the US market. You can check them here The solutions actually looked great but back then the competition was heavy from Autotask/Datto and Connectwise. This move may be a smart move for HBS.

As companies race towards building out cloud marketplaces, facilitating the management and provisioning of the SaaS products will be a solid differentiating factor. HarmonyPSA automates the billing process and provides accurate, real-time views of customers’ contracts, projects and profitability.

UK-based HBS will independently operate HarmonyPSA, to serve customers around the world. The solution was launched over a decade ago and with customers in 15 countries, the platform features multi-language support. It was purpose-built to manage any type of service by unifying sales, operations and finance functions.

HarmonyPSA combines CRM, ticketing, storefront, lead generation, assisted sales, and vendor competency and incentive programs into a single solution as a quote to cash and accounting system. It is now available for the first time on the UK Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

“We’re extremely excited to join the CloudBlue family to capitalize on our shared commitment of driving growth for our customers,” said Steve Powell, co-founder and CTO of Harmony Business Systems. “By working together, we will dramatically scale our customer base and expand our offering across various marketplaces.”

Resellers will have a dedicated instance to quickly find and procure hardware and software, pay-as-you-go and recurring subscription cloud technologies across various online marketplaces, including Ingram Micro Online and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

To learn more www.cloudblue.com  and www.harmonypsa.com