Following ECN’s last interview with DH2i, a leading provider of multi-platform Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Smart Availability software, Julian Lee recently interviewed Don Boxley on some recent news from the company.

DH2i announced the general availability of DxEnterprise version 20 (v20), engineered to improve the performance and resilience of transaction processing workloads found in financial services, as well as other sectors, running on top of Microsoft SQL Server. DxEnterprise v20 responds to channel partner and end customer requirements for improved SQL Server database resilience, Zero Trust security and scalability across private and public clouds as well as between on-premises and remote locations.

Following the successful launch of DxOdyssey for IoT in October 2020, DH2i took on the challenge of improving cloud-based database transaction processing performance and resiliency as there is a strong correlation between transaction performance/resiliency and profitability, particularly for financial services workloads. Specifically, DH2i recognized that this new class of cloud-based Microsoft SQL Server users now wanted help with taking full advantage of SQL’s high availability (HA) for local HA and its disaster recovery (DR) capabilities for remote data protection.

“DH2i’s Smart Availability software for SQL Server boosts SQL Server AG performance and simplifies SQL Server workload management, while reducing SQL Server costs by as much as 50% for use cases that need to combine local HA and remote data protection, such as FinTech and others,” said Don Boxley, CEO and Co-Founder, DH2i.

The company also announced they have entered into a strategic channel agreement. Under its terms, Nubelity will offer DxEnterprise and DxOdyssey software as key components of its end-to-end solutions, in order to ensure end clients’ business and IT operations are always on and always secure. Based in Texas, Nubelity is one of the most well-known and highly respected Solutions Providers in Latin America. As such, the agreement will also serve to extend DH2i’s market reach into this robust and rapidly growing region.

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