Gradient MSP, a leader in innovative solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), recently announced StackTracker, a revolutionary SaaS product designed to redefine the way MSPs track their business and make strategic, data-driven decisions. With initial availability limited to the first 100 MSPs,StackTracker emerges as a game-changer in the MSP industry, offering exclusive insights into product category coverage, vendor spend, resale revenue, and profitability on both product and client levels.

During this interview, Colin Knox, CEO of Gradient MSP, and Julian Lee discussed today’s challenges and opportunities for MSPs. They covered topics such as the complexities of the job, the impact of cybersecurity and compliance issues, and the evolving landscape of the industry. They also explored the profitability of MSPs and the need for new evaluation metrics, drawing on Gradient MSP’s unique perspective from working with over a thousand MSPs every month.

The speakers also discussed the ongoing issue of rising costs in the MSP industry, stressing the need for businesses to adjust their pricing strategies accordingly. They highlighted the impact of increasing salaries, office space costs, and supplier notifications on overall expenses. Additionally, they stressed the importance of detailed invoicing in showcasing value to clients, drawing parallels with grocery receipts and utility bills to emphasize the need for transparency and clarity in billing.

The conversation also touched on the potential impact of economic challenges on client relationships, highlighting the need for MSPs to prioritize these factors in client retention strategies. The speakers underscored the importance of these insights for MSPs in understanding and addressing client needs effectively.