The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Scanner adds elevated levels of malware protection by detecting and removing threats that potentially launch before the operating system boots up. Threats, including rootkits and ransomware, target vulnerabilities in the UEFI and are highly persistent, even surviving after an operating system is reinstalled. ESET’s UEFI Scanner prevents these types of attacks.

The enhanced Connected Home Monitor (previously Home Network Protection) helps users protect their computers from threats coming from Wi-Fi networks; the updated version can test network-connected devices proactively and safeguards users in three ways:

· IoT protection: Internet of Things (IoT) protection empowers users to test their router-connected devices for vulnerabilities such as weak passwords and suggests solutions to fix possible issues. The monitoring includes port scanning, service checks, and password and account checking.
· Router protection: Enables users to test their home routers for known vulnerabilities and unsafe firmware, and suggests how to fix possible issues. Deep router testing includes scanning for port vulnerabilities, known firmware vulnerabilities, malicious domains and DNS server reputations, weak or default router passwords, malware infections and router web-server vulnerabilities.
· Catalogue of Connected Devices: Lists and categorizes devices, such as mobile phones or IoT devices, connected to the user’s home network to quickly identify any rogue devices.

“At ESET, we continually add new layers of security so that people get the highest levels of protection against evolving cyberthreats, including threats targeting UEFI and IoT devices,” said ESET Product Marketing Manager Ben Reed. “Our consumer customers benefit from the same technology that powers our business products, used by top companies and enterprises across the world.”

The new features are available globally today and there is no additional charge for customers upgrading to the latest version of the software.

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