VAI, a leading ERP software developer, unveiled its communications and messaging application, S2K Business Alerts, now available through its S2K Enterprise Management software solutions for the hardgoods, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The new application is powered by Twilio, the world’s leading developer for cloud communications, providing a platform for businesses to engage with customers and reach anyone in the world with a high-quality communication experience. Twilio powers communications in 180+ countries for more than 220,000 active customers and enables 1 trillion human interactions every year.

VAI developed S2K Business Alerts to interface through its S2K Enterprise, out of a need to reach customers and employees quickly and easily via Application-to-Person (A2P) or Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging. The software provides a set of channel Application Program Interface (API) communications tools. VAI customers and employees can now create a two-way communication channel to talk with clients.

S2K Business Alerts enables phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. The application can send System Messaging Services (SMS), Multi-Messaging Service (MMS), or Rich Communications Services (RCS) through VAI S2K Workflow Alerts. Any information that can be put on an S2K Alert can leverage Twilio to automatically notify anyone with a cell phone. Examples of this include automatic thank you notifications to new customers, past-due customer invoice alerts, shipments processed – but not shipped, and notifications to contacts such as warehouse supervisors, vendors, and transportation companies.

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