EnGenius Technologies positions its Cloud Security Gateway as one of the best price-performance solutions on the market at $599 MSRP. The Security Gateway will round out their license-free cloud solution and further propel them into disrupting the competition. 

EnGenius managed to do all this without cutting corners. The gateway has two WAN and two LAN ports with up to 2.5Gbps speeds—more than double the speed of most gateways. Its high-speed Ethernet connections and high inline 2.5Gbps architecture provide superior uplink and downlink transmissions without the bottlenecks. The gateway also offers load balancing, redundant WAN link, and even cellular failover. 

The stateful firewall with a maximum throughput up to 2.35Gbps integrates corporate security policies and real-time filtering of malicious internet traffic.

EnGenius simplifies the process for site-to-site and client VPN that can be activated in a few clicks—allowing secure, private connections for communication and remote work.

Source: EnGenius