Martello Technologies Group Inc., announced the launch of Vantage DXTM, a new single platform DEM suite designed to optimize the ‘work from anywhere’ Microsoft 365 and Teams user experience.

Vantage DX provides industry-leading Microsoft 365 and Teams user experience monitoring and analytics capabilities, allowing IT teams to rapidly prioritize and resolve performance issues impacting the user experience, and proactively optimize future performance. It speeds problem resolution with a unique data correlation engine that transforms monitoring data into Microsoft 365 and Teams performance insights. Vantage DX offers leading-edge monitoring and analytics capabilities in a single platform:


Microsoft Teams Call Quality Analytics – Provides immediate insight into Microsoft Teams problems in an organization, going beyond the Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) to provide data and alerts on every Microsoft Teams call, no matter where the user is located.
Proactive Microsoft 365 User Experience Monitoring – Offers additional performance data for Microsoft Teams and every Microsoft 365 workload, providing alerts for performance issues before users even notice a problem.


Microsoft Active Network Path Analysis – Helps IT teams to determine who owns any latency issues affecting Microsoft 365 and Teams services. Monitor and visualize the entire network path from the users to the Microsoft Global Network.
Microsoft 365 and Teams Advanced Troubleshooting – Find the root cause of Microsoft 365 and Teams service disruptions in seconds by correlating Martello Vantage DX insights with an organization’s existing monitoring tools such as SolarWinds, SCOM, Nagios, Splunk and Cisco.


Microsoft 365 and Teams Performance Reporting (SLA/OLA) – Design and track performance over time with SLA/OLA reports that highlight root cause for every degradation.
Microsoft 365 ITSM Incident Workflows – Empower IT Service Management teams to get full visibility of Microsoft 365 end-to-end service delivery and incidents.

Commenting on Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research commissioned by Martello in August 2021, EMA Research Director Valerie O’Connell said, “It’s no surprise that 82% of IT leaders view Microsoft 365 as mission critical or high importance, or that 21% state an outage has critical impact to the degree that business productivity grinds to a halt. What is almost shocking is that only 10% report having proactive or end-end views of these critical applications. That gap becomes even more pronounced when it comes to performance management of Microsoft Teams. The hybrid workplace has increased reliance on these capabilities for almost all enterprises, with 82% reporting usage at least doubling, if not more. Martello takes direct aim at this management gap.”

“Reliable Microsoft 365 and Teams user experiences have become more important than ever in today’s modern workplace”, said John Proctor, President and CEO of Martello. “However, IT teams and MSPs struggle to understand how well these cloud services are being delivered to users working from a variety of locations. Vantage DX is a leading solution for Microsoft 365 and Teams digital experience monitoring, with a complete set of monitoring and analytics capabilities in a single platform designed with Microsoft expertise, to keep Microsoft 365 users productive no matter where they are located”.

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