Julian recently had a chat with Australia-based Nick Verykios, of iAsset.

In addition to his thoughts on the current economy and how companies need to reorganize through automation, Nick delved into various topics:

  • How organizations can automate processes without relying on new technologies like AI
  • Where organizations can start in their renewal process and the top priorities they should have in mind while doing so

As a reminder, iasset.com started out as a way to address the inefficiencies of the renewals process of IT distributor, Distribution Central.. Shortly after the implementation of iasset.com, the company was able to lift renewal rates from 40% to 90%, realizing immediate, exponential revenue growth and productivity with reduced operational cost.

The platform from iasset.com, automates the renewals process, and connects it across a complex channel environment and the volume of transactions inherent in subscriptions and cloud consumption.

Today, iasset.com has a global customer base and manages over $20 billion in assets for some of the most trusted brands. The strength of the platform lies in its automation of a renewals process and its ability to build accurate installed base information.