Presenter: Adam Bennett, CEO at Crosshair Cyber

Julian Lee and Adam Bennett highlighted the significance of practicing and testing the incident response plan through realistic scenarios to identify and address any gaps.

The speakers delved into the importance of penetration testing and risk assessment in ensuring effective security measures. They emphasized the need to customize security measures for specific scenarios and prioritize efforts. The speakers also discussed the various aspects of pen testing services, including gap analysis, risk assessment, and testing technical security controls, procedural, and people. They emphasized the importance of tailoring pen testing to the specific needs of each organization and highlighted the range of pen testing services offered by Crosshair.

The speakers also discussed the evolving landscape of compliance regulations, emphasizing their widespread impact on businesses operating in a global environment. They stressed the necessity for companies to not only adhere to regulations but also provide tangible proof of their compliance. Additionally, they underscored the obligations for companies selling to the government or larger entities, and the potential trend of audits becoming more prevalent across various sectors. The conversation underscored the urgency for companies to proactively address these compliance challenges to stay ahead of the competition.

The speakers also discussed the challenges and costs associated with establishing and maintaining a cybersecurity program, highlighting the need for expert support, continuous training, and the ability to scale quickly. They emphasized the benefits of partnering with MSPs and MSSPs for cybersecurity maturity, offering free consultations to MSPs and outlining a 36-step journey to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities. Additionally, they discussed the importance of aligning with organizations that provide support and address compliance issues, while also emphasizing the evolving nature of cybersecurity and the need to stay updated with the latest developments.

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