Concentric Inc. announced the latest advancements in its Semantic Intelligence data access governance solution for autonomous identification and risk assessment of inappropriate access, data sharing and user interactions – now with unique insights into user-related risks and support for both structured and unstructured data.

Available for immediate purchase, Concentric’s data access governance solution today introduces User360, a unique user-oriented lens into business-critical data. The User360 interface highlights risks associated with specific users to spot overly broad access privileges, inappropriate activity and wrong storage locations. The capability protects business-critical content – including PII/PCI, customer data, intellectual property and more – from compromised accounts, insider threats and careless employees. Concentric’s AI technology means the solution works without needing complex, hard-to-manage rules or end-user involvement.

Concentric also announced support for structured data, with connections to a wide variety of data repositories using MYSQL, MSSQL, PostGreSQL, and Oracle. Now for the first time, organizations can benefit from a comprehensive data access governance solution that seamlessly discovers sensitive and private data across both structured and unstructured data repositories, on-premises and in the cloud. Inspired by customer requirements, Concentric’s new capabilities help meet GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and SEC compliance mandates, as well as other data security regulations, with a zero-trust security model that is ideally suited for enterprises which need the lowest possible friction for their digital transformation and data management initiatives.

“Before today, writing and tuning rules and policies was an unavoidable part of data risk management,” said Karthik Krishnan, Concentric CEO.“For many organizations, the overhead was simply too much and these risks simply weren’t addressed. Semantic Intelligence changes the equation with the industry’s best autonomous data discovery and categorization capability, now for structured data in addition to unstructured data, that gives enterprises the tools they need for effective risk management. Offered as a SaaS platform, the solution’s time-to-value is days, not weeks or months as with other solutions.”

Over the past year, Concentric’s data access governance innovations have continually challenged the risk management status quo. Starting with the notoriously difficult challenge of unstructured data, the company introduced Risk Distance  analysis and Concentric MIND to ease and automate risk assessment while simplifying the AI operational model. Today’s announcement builds on these innovations to make Semantic Intelligence the industry’s most comprehensive solution for data access governance, least privileges access management and zero trust data security for any organization struggling to identify risk and prevent data loss – all with no agents and no upfront work.

Source: Concentric