We spoke with Herbert Cheung from WatchGuard about his VAN Tour experience with Noah Jacobs. He completed approximately 40 of the 60 stops. It’s now on to the ChannelNEXT event in Calgary on October 17 and Vancouver on October 20. Herbert is on a mission to assist partners in simplifying their cybersecurity requirements and bringing that simplicity and value to their customers. With the acquisition of Panda, WatchGuard combined various solutions through their Unified Security Platform (USP), which has four areas of specialization: firewall, multi-factor authentication, secure wi-fi, and endpoint protection in a zero trust framework. Did you know that WatchGuard only sells three SKUS? That’s what we call simplification! Take a look at the video chat. For more info or to register for the Calgary or Vancouver event please go to www.channelnext.ca 

October 17th, 2022: ChannelNEXT West In-Person and Live Streaming, Alberta, Canada Register here

October 20th, 2022: ChannelNEXT West In-Person and Live Streaming, BC, Canada Register here