As you know, one of the biggest buzzwords in cybersecurity recently is XDR (extended detection and response). Originally posed in 2018 by an executive at Palo Alto Networks as a new way to think about security, the term’s meaning has become muddled.

Eric Thomas, VP of security at, addresses the hype of XDR, the myths around what it actually is, and what technology buyers need to look out for. While many customers are seeking to replace dated and legacy on-premises SIEM, XDR may not be the best solution.

In short, Eric believes that the definition of XDR differs from vendor to vendor – sometimes, it’s a platform that attempts to take a more holistic view outside of just the endpoint. Other times, “XDR” is used by vendors to avoid calling themselves what they really are – a SIEM – for fear of being tied down to what they think is an “outdated” product category.  

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