Centreon Software Systems Ltd., announced the expansion of their partnership to North America to provide a cohesive approach to serving common customer needs more effectively and efficiently.

“The Centreon-TeamWork partnership has proven its value in Europe. TeamWork, a long-time Centreon EMS user became a Centreon-certified partner over a year ago, as it integrated the solution for the monitoring and support of their SAP business solutions clients,” commented Romain Le Merlus, Co-Founder and CEO of Centreon North America.

Their  partnership with Centreon reinforces their value proposition in the North American infrastructure sector. This partnership allows them to complete their portfolio of innovative solutions for their customers who will seek to simplify and better integrate the management of their information system. Through this collaboration, their SAP business solutions clients get real-time visibility to monitor the infrastructure that backs SAP performance for front-end users.

Just three months ago, Centreon expanded its operations into North America with on-the-ground technical expertise and customer support for enterprise digital strategies. The company also announced its channel partner strategy. “Businesses expect their vendors to be as integrated as they want to be internally, both from a human and system perspective. So we are pleased to mark this partnership milestone with TeamWork to better serve our customers on this side of the Atlantic,” added Romain Le Merlus, Co-Founder and CEO of Centreon North America.

Centreon recently launched a new version of Centreon EMS, its flagship solution that allows for more agile, decentralized monitoring capabilities, taking collaboration to a whole new level for consulting partners and their clients.