Did you know that nearly 7 in 10 Canadians are excited by the potential of technology to dramatically improve their lives but believe the real advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and machine learning are still years away, finds new consumer research from KPMG in Canada.

Canadians believe new technologies will dramatically improve their lives

-69 per cent of Canadians are excited by the potential of AI, robotics and machine learning
-22 per cent are very excited
-47 are somewhat excited but think advances are still years away
-16 per cent are not very excited as they expect the changes will only be incremental
-15 per cent are concerned that technology is taking over
Hughes notes that we are exiting the digital era of technology (mobile, social, cloud, web) and are now in the exponential era. This means that the magnitude, pace and diversity of change will be much bigger than what we have known to date.

Canadians don’t think new technologies will threaten their jobs

-11 per cent of Canadians think new technologies will take their jobs
-7 per cent expect their job to be automated
-4 expect their job to be eliminated altogether
-55 per cent say technology changes are a constant factor in their jobs
-35 per cent don’t expect technology to impact what they do
Majority of Canadians said that technology has been reshaping their jobs for years. What they can expect going forward is that technologies like AI, robotics and machine learning will increasingly displace ‘tasks’ and whole parts of jobs, making some obsolete, while introducing new roles and capabilities not previously imagined.