AI is one of my favourite topics in tech. It was a pleasure to speak with Selly Selinger, CEO of  Deep Sentinel on his amazing AI experience and how his company has developed a game-changing solution for real-time video surveillance. His solution uses AI for face recognition to quickly identify potential intrusions within any physical space. If the AI detects a problem, it can instantly connect to a live security guard to takes whatever action is required. The result is actual prevention of bad things from happening instead of simply having video footage of a crime that has been already committed.

This is one good example on how AI can actually help and protect people in a cost-effective way. Of course there is always potential for the same AI to harm people and that is what concerns most people. Makers of these solutions will need to ensure they prevent this from happening. Building in safeguards to prevent this from happening always sounds reassuring but there is always some doubt as to how these tools may be hacked or used by its developers for nefarious purposes.

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