Broadvoice announced the launch of Broadvoice Bubble, a new text messaging and marketing platform that enables businesses to connect with their customers instantly with SMS/MMS messages delivered automatically to their smartphones.

Broadvoice Bubble gives businesses an easier and faster way to engage and interact with their customers where they are – on their mobile devices. The platform is ideal for alerts and notifications, appointment reminders, customer support, delivery tracking, market campaigns and more.

“Business text messaging is fast becoming the most convenient and reliable way to reach out and interact with your customers,” said Jim Murphy, CEO at Broadvoice. “This is even more important during the pandemic when digital strategies are the primary way to reach your customers.”

Text messages have, on average, a 98 percent open rate, 95 percent read rate, 75 percent engagement rate and a 45 percent response rate – which is a significant improvement over phone or email for communications or marketing.

“Broadvoice Bubble not only saves time by automating routine notifications and responses, it allows businesses to give their customers immediate and responsive service they’ll rave about,” said Murphy. “Plus, it enables businesses to drive revenue by sending promotions and special offers that customers can see and activate with one click.”

Broadvoice Bubble delivers outbound text automation services, including:
• Textcasts – Broadcast a text message to a list of customer mobile phone numbers.
• Message Templates – Set up automated responses to customer messages.
• Timetexts – Schedule text messages one at a time, as a series or as appointment reminders.

Uniquely, Broadvoice Bubble also enables inbound texting with Live Agent Routing, including the ability to:
• Send customer texts to agent queues just like phone calls
• Leverage built-in intelligence to direct calls to the right department or agent
• Monitor text queues, volume and even individual interactions

Finally, Broadvoice Bubble includes a simple API that lets businesses text-enable their software, website, or other applications.

Businesses get access to all of these Broadvoice Bubble text messaging and marketing capabilities plus an intuitive dashboard to monitor customer engagement and assign admin roles to departments and staff members.

Source: Broadvoice