Agiloft, the global standard in contract and commerce lifecycle management, announced five consecutive years of business growth, achieving a 134% increase in new sales, and a 56% increase in overall company headcount. Agiloft also grew its implementation team by 125% and its sales team by 45%.

Channel Sales Partners

Agiloft doubled the number of partners in the Agiloft Partner Program in 2019, with the addition of partners like Adaptive Dynamics, Xeeva, and Periscope Holdings, to name a few. Agiloft also realized a 150% growth of annual reoccurring revenue from partners over the past two years and a 280% increase of certified partner implementers over 2019.

New AI Core and Product Roadmap

The company’s record year is also attributed to the introduction of the Agiloft AI Core, which provides pre-built AI models and allows customers to create custom AI models on Agiloft’s no-code platform. Agiloft’s prebuilt AI tools further automate contract management, reduce compliance risk, and empower teams of all sizes.

Agiloft Summit 2019

In 2019, Agiloft kicked off its inaugural Summit that brought together customers, partners, and staff to attend Agiloft training sessions as well as discuss emerging industry trends and how customers innovate with Agiloft to overcome challenges, boost productivity, and reduce risk.

At the Summit, Agiloft introduced the future of contract and commerce lifecycle management (CCLM). CCLM is an emerging contract-centric methodology that extends well beyond traditional contract lifecycle management. Using contracts as its core system of record, CCLM integrates the full scope of internal and external commercial systems to enhance security and compliance while driving enterprise-wide value creation.

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