Intelligent Buildings announced a new partnership with Tempered Networks, a leading Zero Trust secure networking provider, that will revolutionize smart building IoT cybersecurity efforts and emphasize security, ease of management, and cost-efficiency. This partnership will leverage both Tempered’s AirWall platform and Intelligent Buildings’ system and policy management services that secure fragmented operational systems and IoT sensors found in commercial buildings, such as HVAC, elevator, lighting, parking, and more, in order to effectively access, manage, and monitor these commercial real estate environments and ensure business continuity.

Additionally, Tempered Networks is partnering with Nozomi Networks to deliver a full-featured industrial security solution for enhanced network visibility, threat detection, and remediation. The joint offering integrates Nozomi’s leading network visibility, threat detection, and incident response system with Tempered’s Zero Trust policy enforcement and centralized, software-defined perimeter management console to manage and remediate today’s most sophisticated security threats. It also includes the ability of Tempered to mirror secure traffic to Nozomi Networks solutions through a fully encrypted overlay for greater analysis and insight.

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