Speaker: Fadi Mansour. Channel Sales & Distribution Director, Canada at Cradlepoint

The discussion delved into the potential impact of AI on networks and applications in 2024. The transformative potential of 5G technology and the expansion of IoT to include vehicles and robots were also discussed, with an emphasis on the need for robust security measures. Julian and Fadi both expressed optimism about the potential of 5G in 2024.

Here are some main predictions from Cradlepoint:

  • Zero Trust evolves with a growing risk landscape in 2024  
  • AI will become one with the network, impacting all business operations
  • IoT will finally bring the “smart” society to life — from cities, to malls, to businesses
  • A 5G wireless strategy will become a key boardroom decision as connectivity moves from foundational to essential
  • The move to nearshoring will be a catalyst to private 5G and the edge