No doubt, you have seen some of the positive stories coming out from the dramatic drop in pollution as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic shutdown. Cruise ships are docked. Airplanes are grounded. Factories are closed. Cars are parked. Satellite images over China show pollution has dissipated. You can now see fish in the canals of Venice, Italy.

If there is one positive outcome of this pandemic, it may be the environment.

Maybe this is yet another wake-up call on the global environmental impact due to human behavior. Many were forced to change their habits overnight by working virtually from home. Many are realizing that they can actually get a lot more work done virtually (and less costly) instead of physically meeting. Change can be a GOOD thing!

Anything you can do to help the environment is clearly the right thing to do. Unfortunately bad habits are really hard to break. Replace-with-new convenience also makes it that much more difficult to encourage people to change.

So here is one good example of something small that most every computer user can do to actually help the environment and save costs at the same time!

With the massive migration from the office to work from home, most employees are cut off from access to their office network printer. The need to get a printer as part of the tools you need to work from home increases.

ECO Products Solutions is one local re-manufacturer of high quality ink and toner cartridges. They can drop ship a brand new printer with a few extra cartridges to solve all of the printing needs while working from home. Zero touch. Best of all, the bundle price is much lower and the cost for replacement ink and toner is a lot lower than new. If you already have a printer, then just order replacement recycled supplies when needed.

You can do your own research to learn why using re-manufactured printer supplies matters to the environment and your pocket. It removes tons from the landfills and you get to print more per cartridge. The very same distributor also offers replacement parts to keep your printer running longer. All added up, it is a good thing for the environment and good for your wallet.

During this pandemic crisis, all channel partners may want to consider changing one more habit by using some recycled solutions. Instantly fulfill all of the printing needs customers at their homes with just one supplier. And, when things do get back to normal, channel partners can continue to make more profits by automatically reordering print suppliers for their customers. Partners can even offer Managed Print Services.

Everything that is recycled is a very good thing. Recycled laptops are also another big opportunity to do more good and save money. Especially today when channel partners are having trouble finding supply. Hooking up with a good recycle company will also help end-of-life products to be better disposed instead of just being dumped in landfills.

Take another look at leveraging quality recycled products and solutions. Maybe with the sharp downturn in air pollution setting the example, we can make one more small change can will ultimately help to save the planet and save you money.