Toronto-based start-up Xandar Kardian, is pioneering radar-based technology that can “see” without a camera and understand via AI how many people are occupying a space with medical grade accuracy.  This kind of radar tech is brand new and is the result of 8 years of R&D.

Why is this important: COVID-19 has forced us all to re-examine our relationship with high-touch surfaces in public spaces and the nature of highly transmissible illnesses, with increasing concerns about using crowded areas that could be a breeding ground for germs. Xandar Kardian’s radar-based building management system future-proofs buildings to assist a safe return to work / play during and post-pandemic.
How does it work: Their radar-based implementations are uniquely suited to people counting since they’re able to measure respiration (eliminating facial recognition / privacy concerns) and have the ability to automate building traffic to trigger a myriad of events. For example, rather than rely on human janitorial staff to manually clean elevators (which many cited as a major fear returning to the office), the XK sensors know when the elevator is vacant to trigger commercial-grade UV sanitation to disinfect the space. This same process could be deployed in the bathrooms of public buildings as well.
Where is it being deployed: With deployments in office spaces, it will also be easier to know accurately where people are (without cameras) in order to maintain safe social distancing as workers return to the office. The sensors are already deployed in a few dozen buildings around the world including the Bayview Village Shopping Centre.


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