“Real Results in a Virtual Economy – How to Future-Proof Your Business” was launched globally on January 7th 2021. The book is authored by Dr. Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson who have collectively written 19 books on the topics of leadership, talent management, marketing and digital selling.

Dr. Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson Authors – “Real Results in a Virtual Economy”

It’s a brand-new book which delivers a road-map for leading and succeeding in the digital-first virtual sales and remote work environment that the pandemic has thrust upon us.

“The most comprehensive treatment I’ve seen on how to successfully transform any business into being lean, high-velocity, yet customer-focused within a post-pandemic world.”

Ria Persad, President, European Chamber of Digital Commerce

“We have experienced 10 years’ worth of digital transformation in 9 months, everyone is playing catch-up. Our goal is to give business and sales leaders the tools they need to proactively lead through this massive global reset.”

Ria Persad is the President, European Chamber of Digital Commerce, a scientist, mathematician, and recipient of numerous industry awards including “International Woman of the Year” by Renewable Energy World and Power Engineering and a “Lifetime Achievement” Leader through Platts Global Energy Awards. Here’s what Ria had to say:

“Real Results in a Virtual Economy” is the most comprehensive treatment I’ve seen on how to successfully transform any business into being lean, high-velocity, yet customer-focused within a post-pandemic world. “Digital transformation”–a buzzword of the digital age–is de-mystified through practical how-to checklists, mixed with inspiring examples from global leaders in this well-researched toolkit on what works and what doesn’t. I was particularly impressed by the section on cybersecurity and digitalization risk–vital information for both technical and non-technical leadership alike. I look forward to revisiting this great reference time and time again in my organization’s digital transformation journey!”

Ramez A Baassiri is Board Member at AHB Group; Author of “Interrupted Entrepreneurship.” AHB Group is a multi-billion-dollar Dubai based enterprise focused on construction, real estate development, investment, and manufacturing. Here’s what Mr. Bassiri has to say about the book:

“Much has unraveled and evolved in 2020. As we navigate each of our own disruptions glimmers of hope occasionally appear that are worthy of taking a pause and sharing. I was fortunate enough to read a most timely and relevant book titled: Real Results in a Virtual Economy by Dr. Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson and it’s a game-changer!

As we all are entrenched in a more virtual world with a new economic reality, I found this enlightening book to be filled with helpful tools to measure and improve one’s digital performance. It delves into ways to help us all profit from an array of virtual tends. I especially enjoyed the part on how to navigate through the noisy virtual space and build a strong brand, this book is a must read for anyone seeking means and ways to succeed in today’s fast changing world.”

“Real Results in a Virtual Economy – How to Future-Proof Your Business” is available for pre- order (Kindle Version on Amazon / Paperback on RealResultsVirtualEconomy.com).

To book Dr. Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson for speaking and media appearances visit RealResultsVirtualEconomy.com.

About Dr. Denis Cauvier

As President/CEO of three companies, Dr. Cauvier understands the realities, challenges & opportunities faced by senior executives in today’s turbulent economy and has guided his clients through three previous global recessions. Dr. Cauvier is an Adjunct Professor with ESC Clermont Graduate School and IPAG University Business School. Denis provides proven low cost/high impact methods to decrease costly employee turnover, increase levels of productivity, enhance performance, increase sales and customer satisfaction, increase market share, and boost profits. Denis’s strategies have added over $850 million in new value/revenue, and have boosted his client’s profits by tens of millions of dollars.

Denis’s clients include hundreds of small/medium companies, family businesses, 200+ multinational firms, dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and several billionaires. With over 30 years as a professional speaker/ consultant, Dr. Cauvier has spoken to over 1.7 million people across America, and 56 other countries. He is a frequent expert in the New York Times, LA Times, CBS, ABC, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and Forbes. He is the best-selling author of 16 books. His newest book, Bullet Proof – Mental Toughness the Key to Winning in Life launched in early 2020 has already become a best-seller!

About Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson is an international speaker, and author on sales performance, sales technology and social selling who has addressed over 200,000 people on stages in Canada, USA, Mexico, Southern Africa, India, Dubai, Malaysia and South America. Shane Gibson is #5 on the Forbes.com list of the “Top 30 Social Salespeople in the World.” He also the lead facilitator for the Province of British Columbia for the World Trade Centre Vancouver’s Trade Accelerator and Integrated Ecommerce Essentials Programs.

His speaking and training clients include organizations such as The Ford Motor Company, Reliance Industries, BMO Financial, Blue Cross, Sun Life, CPA Canada, The US Department of Commerce, MicroAge, Elavon (US Bank) and dozens of other organizations on 5 continents.

Shane’s previous books include Sociable! – Closing Bigger and Guerrilla Social Media Marketing.