Adam Compton, Director of Strategy at Schneider Electric, talked with Julian Lee about the increasing demand for edge computing and how solution providers/MSPs can position themselves to capitalize on this trend. 

COVID has significantly increased dependence on immediate, mobile-enabled services and businesses are adapting to meet these demands. For example, contactless pickup is becoming increasingly popular in retail. This offering requires low latency data transfers in hundreds of locations to ensure accurate communication of inventory between the mobile app and the store’s inventory system. 

Although business leaders recognize the benefits of edge computing, not all companies are positioned to make a seamless transition which presents a great opportunity for solution providers. 

To capitalize on this opportunity, Adam believes that providers should have extensive knowledge on the following topics for each of their specific clients, regardless of industry: 

  • How can edge computing improve efficiency & provide actionable insights? 
  • The compatibility of customers’ OSS and BSS systems with edge computing infrastructure 
  • How to work edge computing into existing IoT infrastructure 
  • How can they repurpose existing facilities to accommodate an edge data center 

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