ScalePad, a premier provider of solutions for Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners, announced a restorative partnership integrated with its Warranty Services and new IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) and Workstation Assurance offerings available through the ScalePad Services Marketplace. ITAD, Workstation Assurance, and Warranty Services standardize and automate what are otherwise manual tasks and varied processes, while also further enhancing client data security. Through these services, ScalePad will combat the harmful effects of electronic waste by restoring habitats in North America that were destroyed by wildfires, via a partnership with veritree

The three revenue-generating services for MSPs included in ScalePad Services Marketplace include: Workstation Assurance, an advanced exchange replacement program to protect laptops and desktops even in the event of accidental damage; Warranty Services, a protection program with a choice of service levels to protect servers and networking equipment; and ITAD, a secure, verifiable, and environmentally-friendly disposition process for decommissioned client IT workstations.

For each asset protected or disposed of through the ScalePad Services Marketplace, ScalePad’s partner veritree, will plant a tree as part of an initiative to reforest and rewild US regions ravaged by wildfires. 

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