Anytime vendors are looking to leverage and support the channel is a calling for us so we jumped in when Ori Ainy of Beam Global asked us to be a guest speaker at his event. There are about 200,000 SaaS vendors on the planet and that number is rising every day. We will be talking about why the channel matters to SaaS vendors, but more importantly how they should build out a channel-centric development plan and ecosystem. Knowing how to do this right can save a lot of money and grief especially in speed to market.

Check out this quick clip for a small taste of what to expect. To learn more or to register for the free virtual event to to

Target audience is SaaS Vendors or any tech company looking to expand globally. This is purely an educational session on best practices for building your channel partner ecosystem.
This is an interactive event so you can submit your questions in real-time or in advance as we can address your specific concerns. We will answer as many as possible.