Radware, a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, and TeraGo Inc., a leading networking, colocation and cloud services provider, jointly announced today the development of a best-of-breed security solution that protects online elections from potential cyber-attacks for Simply Voting, Inc.

Simply Voting is a Montreal-based full-service provider of secure, hosted online elections, serving more than 3,000 different organizations (such as municipalities, universities, and unions) in 67 countries to safely execute their elections.

The combined Radware and TeraGo offering includes a cloud-based distributed denial-of-service (“DDoS”) protection solution, which leverages the real-time protection and minimal latency of TeraGo’s network-based DDoS mitigation service, with Radware’s DefensePro attack mitigation appliances, and cloud-based scrubbing capacity of Radware’s Cloud DDoS Protection Service.

Radware and TeraGo’s DDoS protection service monitors all traffic entering its network for large-volume floods that aim to disrupt the services. It detects and mitigates DDOS attacks within seconds using Radware’s patented behavioral-based DDoS attack mitigation technology. The service offers protection from all types of DDoS attacks, including network-layer and application-layer DDoS attacks. 

Blake Wetzel, Chief Revenue and Chief Operating Officer at TeraGo, added: “We are thrilled to deliver services that support Simply Voting’s critical applications. The joint TeraGo and Radware DDoS protection solution is brought together by a combination of best-in-class brands to meet the security needs of Simply Voting. Security is a critical element for today’s voting platforms, requiring superior real-time protection with minimal latency. We are pleased that our security service will continue to help overcome a critical challenge for our customer and elevate protection for Canadian voting.”

For more information about TeraGo, please visit www.terago.ca.

For more information, please visit www.radware.com.