OSF Digital, an award-winning provider of digital transformation services to companies worldwide, released new data about its internal artificial intelligence (AI) productivity tool named Wingman, a tool based on OpenAI, a code assistant acting as a Visual Studio Code extension, providing full support to OSF developers, from high-quality code auto-completions to code explanations. The data suggests increased project efficiency and improved workflows. The tool aims to deliver projects with higher quality, lower risk, and accelerated time to value.

“At OSF, we have used AI productivity tools to enhance human potential for two years, and we believe that AI will change the future of the professional services industry,” said Gerard “Gerry” Szatvanyi, CEO of OSF Digital. “We have focused on AI productivity tools as our customers expect more from us than the value of our people’s time alone. We believe our customers deserve not only time but also tooling, built-in quality, and best practices. It is through innovation that we always strive to be One Step Further.”

To learn more about OSF Digital, visit: osf.digital.