According to a survey, Nintendo DS is the highest selling console by Nintendo with 154.9 million units? The Nintendo 64 has sold the least units for the company at 32.93 million.

The research highlighted the drivers of Nintendo’s popularity. According to the research report:

“The popularity of Nintendo does not come as a surprise considering that the company has built a reputation for iconic characters with games like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and the Pokémon franchise. These characters have followed players across generations to different games and different consoles. Nintendo has been making great games for its iconic characters and delivering innovative hardware to their fans. This market positioning has propelled Nintendo to the top of the video game industry.”

Since joining the video game market, Sony has sold 541.64 million units. The PlayStation 2 is the company’s highest-selling console with 157.68 million units. The PlayStation Portable has sold units at 81.09 million units.

Elsewhere, Nintendo has sold 365.56% more units than Microsoft’s Xbox. To date, 158.92 million Xbox has been sold. The Xbox 360 has sold 85.8 million units while the Xbox One has sold 46.36 million units.

Source: Safebettingsites