With the popularity of social media still going strong, it’s surprising that email, the original killer app, is providing the best results for channel partners.

Nielsen recently did a study that showed social media use makes people consume email more. Even social media power users are emailing more too.

Calgary-based eMailPlatform is leveraging the market’s on-going need for email as a marketing and communications tool, to develop a cloud-based dashboard that can show all a company’s campaigns and how people are interacting with them. The new tool can also maximize your contact list and automate newsletter creation and SMS campaigns.

Christian Baun, the customers success manager for eMailPlatform, told EChannelNews that he’s not surprised by emails continued growth. Email marketing is still the world’s most effective marketing channel and shows results of a 1-to-40 ROI, he said during the podcast.

“That’s because email marketing can be personal and you can engage with every single participant in the contact list. People are using email with social media. People still want that personalization and one of the features of eMailPlatform is marketing automation. For example, if you are at a store and someone asks you to take down your email that can be used to send out personalized emails,” he said.

On the back end, eMailPlatform works to automate many other marketing activities beyond email such as newsletter creation and online campaigns.

Baun added that eMailPlatform takes the pressure off marketers as soon as they set up the automation and allow the platform to work 24/7 for the company.

EMailPlatform is now available in 10 countries via a Software-as-a-Service model. Baun, said in the podcast, SaaS is very convenient and customers like that they do not have to download anything. EMailPlatform is also secure, while providing control to the user in a dashboard tool for overviewing the most recent campaigns, interacting with campaigns, managing the Contact List, and developing new email or SMS campaigns.

Baun has a story to close… “Once upon a time there was a tailor. And, this tailor knew all of his customers by their first name. He could design clothing from memory. But, after the turn of the 20th-Century new technological advances such as radio and TV spawned and new way to communicate with customers. So, we want to return to the personal touch.”

Also on the podcast, Baun talks about the balance between social media and email, digital marketing in the future, and cloud-based email.