NetMotion Software, the leader in mobile enterprise productivity solutions, announced comprehensive awareness enhancements to its award-winning Mobility software and new visual dashboards for its intelligence platform,Mobile IQ. New features added in the “Aware” release include dynamic web filtering enhancements to secure and manage mobile worker access to web applications and domains across any network.  For example, if a user roams to an unsecure Wi-Fi network, dynamic web filters can automatically enable encryption or block web application and domain access to protect the user and prevent security risks. Combined with new visual dashboards available in Mobile IQ, this gives IT an unprecedented level of visibility and security control over the web resources users, devices and applications are accessing.

An October 2018 study, Greatest Mobility Security Threats in the Enterprise, found that professional workforces are unable to adequately protect their workers while they are outside the corporate firewall. According to the study, nearly 50 percent of mobile workers spend the majority of their worktime connected to public Wi-Fi and carrier networks. Businesses reported that data leakage was a top security concern, yet over 60 percent of enterprises lack tools to audit when a device connects to a third-party network and half were unsure how to monitor device traffic and server connections when a device was outside of the corporate firewall. More than half did not require users to connect to a corporate network through a secure VPN making these devices a security risk.

NetMotion’s software gives enterprises the robust toolset needed to protect workers when connected to non-corporate, public networks. The software gives unprecedented visibility and control over mobile deployments and empowers IT by automatically solving mobility problems, enhancing mobile performance, ensuring security and compliancy, and controlling data usage and costs across any network.

Key features in the Aware release:

  • Dynamic web filtering provides awareness and controls access to unsanctioned domains and websites, ensuring worker security and productivity.
  • Full visibility into the web resources accessed by users, devices, and applications
  • Enforce security and compliance policies for any network

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